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You can’t camp out in summer without getting bit by bugs.
You can’t come down with sickness without running out of drugs.
You’ll never catch that big fish, and you’re never finding gold.
But while that had you distracted, seems you’ve somehow gotten old.

The Heart

The heart is a fist.
You have to open it to
Hold on to someone.


With the setting sun,
Comes the revelation that
Life is just too short.

“Love Poetry”

There is a phrase – ‘love poetry’,
As if there is any other kind.
We don’t all write about love,
Or wonderful.

But, if not for love,
We wouldn’t be poets.

No one writes poetry because they
Hate words.

No Greater Love

I need you more than Prophets need to be near Terok Nor.
I love you like Adami needs to be loved by Bajor.
I mean it like the House of Quark when uttering Qapla.
You stormed my walls like fifty thousand Alpha Jem’Hadar.

A Dream, To Some

Concrete plagues the verdant wild.
The towers squat like angry boys.
The city, sprawling like a child,
It pouts its lip and throws its toys.

Maddened spider born from of stone
Discarded from an unknown hand.
The rusted sword and iron throne.
The sword’s the throne. The king’s the land.


If there’s something still alive
To console the broken-hearted,
If there’s something that survives
After flesh is long departed,

May it do what I wish most,
And offer comfort to you while,
You are haunted by my ghost.
But, think well of me, and smile.

There’s nothing to fear
About the darkness… only
The things that live there,

The New Math

The perfect couple are not
The most beautiful, or the smartest,
Or the most popular, or rich.

The perfect couple are two people,
Each of them sure the other person
Is twice as good as they are,

Twice as good as they deserve,
And just wonderful enough to make
Them both better people.

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